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The GLA voluntarily adopts the Code of Practice for Statistics

Today, the GLA is voluntarily adopting the Code of Practice for Statistics. Part of the Mayor’s commitment to transparency, this builds on the GLA’s long history of producing and publishing high-quality statistics, and our commitment to the provision of open data through the London Datastore – our award-winning data platform for London. In a world … Read More »

Tracking social integration in London

Over the past year the GLA Intelligence Unit has been assisting in the development of the Mayor’s strategy to improve social integration in London. One of the main parts of this strategy is to improve London’s evidence base to measure, evaluate and share findings on the state of social integration. We have published a set … Read More »

GLA becomes a partner of City Data Hack 2018 (16–18 March)

The Greater London Authority has chosen to partner on City Data Hack 2018, a Future Cities Catapult initiative that will bring together talented and passionate weekend participants, mentors and challenge partners keen to transform the experiences of citizens in London through data and digital solutions. “The main reason for hosting this event”, City Data Hack … Read More »

A ‘New Deal’ for City Data?

Yesterday saw City Hall host an ‘Urban Data Markets’ conference. The event — bringing together some of the best data and smart city brains from London, Berlin and beyond — was opened by London’s CDO, Theo Blackwell. Having launched the listening exercise for the Mayor’s forthcoming Smart London Plan this week, Theo emphasised the vital role data has to play across public services, … Read More »

Big data to plan for council tax reform

In early September, the third annual Data for Policy international conference took place here in London. The objective of these conferences is simple: to share learning and knowledge about using data in the public sector. I went along as the representative for the Intelligence Unit at the Greater London Authority (GLA). I presented a paper … Read More »

Safeguards and Sharing in ‘DataSmart’ Cities

The Digital Economy Challenge The exchange and protection of personal and non-personal data is a critical challenge facing all cities across Europe. In London, Lisbon and Milan, the Sharing Cities programme[1] is working to develop robust approaches to data security in the design and implementation of smart services. Our work aims to meet the requirements … Read More »

Delivering Data Value and sharing the GDPR Load: a Data Sharing Alliance for London

Do you ever feel that some mountains are just too difficult to climb? In these cases I’m often reminded of a scene from Mission Impossible: Mission Commander: Good morning, Mr. Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves getting all of the London Boroughs, health trusts, emergency services, voluntary organisations and all of … Read More »