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Air Quality Data

Every year, thousands of Londoners are dying prematurely from long-term exposure to air pollution. Our latest research shows that hundreds of schools are located in areas exceeding safe legal pollution levels.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL) work in partnership to produce a comprehensive set of air quality datasets. These enable our organisations to formulate evidence-based policy and guide boroughs as they improve air quality locally.

London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI)

The LAEI is the key tool for air quality analysis and policy development in London. It is a regularly updated database of pollutant emissions and sources including geographically referenced data and maps.

London Local Air Quality Management (LLAQM)

The LLAQM is a collection of maps, data and graphs produced individually for each of London’s boroughs and the City of London. It is produced using the latest version of the LAEI.

Diffusion Tube Data

Air pollution is monitored by the London boroughs within their own area. There are several different monitoring methods available, including diffusion tubes. Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes are small, passive samplers which measure the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the air at a certain location, providing a monthly average measurement. The diffusion tubes supplement the network of more accurate reference analysers across London. London boroughs collate and report their data to the GLA and individually publish the results on their own websites.

NO2 Focus Areas

Air Quality Fact Sheets

London Air Quality Map

This map shows the locations of air quality monitoring stations and Breathe London nodes across London.

It also features the Mayor’s actions to tackle air pollution including the Ultra Low Emission Zone, Low Emission Bus Zones, rapid charge points and schools and nurseries that were a part of the Mayor’s audit programme.

You can also view air quality data with Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels from 2016 and projected levels for 2025 following the Mayor’s actions as set out in the London Environment Strategy.