London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI) 2013 Air Quality Focus Areas - December 2016 update

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There are 187 Air Quality Focus Areas in London. These are locations that not only exceed the EU annual mean limit value for NO2 but are also locations with high human exposure.

The Focus Areas were defined to address concerns raised by boroughs within the LAQM review process and forecasted air pollution trends. This is not an exhaustive list of London’s hotspot locations, but where the GLA believe the problem to be most acute.


1. Supporting Information (.ZIP - 113.4KB) - Definition, methodology and list of focus areas LAEI 2013

2. GIS files (.ZIP - 43.2KB) - GIS geographies in ArcGIS and MapInfo formats.

3. Images (.ZIP - 199.4MB) - Maps with focus areas at both London and borough level.


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