London’s current population is 8.825 million

(2017 mid-year estimate, ONS)

GLA Projections

The Demography team within the GLA’s Intelligence Unit produce a range of demographic projections which are used to help inform planning and policy work within the GLA and across London.

Most sets are updated annually, incorporating the latest data as it becomes available. The most recent set of projections are the 2016-base round. These projection incoproate data from the 2016 ONS mid-year estimates and the GLA 2016 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

The projection outputs fall into three main areas: population, households and ethnicity. The 2016-base outputs are available here:

Projection Variants

The range of GLA projections is outlined visually in the Projection Tree tool. This tool describes how the projections relate to one another, how they are set up, and what their primary purpose is.

Projections Archive

The GLA updates its projections annually and recommends that users use data from the most recent round. Superseded projections are available through the projections archive.