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High Street Data Service

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is piloting a new data service. Our aim is to provide organisations ongoing access to the best local high streets and town centre data at low cost.

Through bringing together:

  • New data purchased through the partnership (such as footfall or spend data).
  • Previous data sets (such as planning, cultural or air quality data).

Users will be able to:

  • Look in depth at a particular high street
  • Understand change over time
  • Compare with other high streets nearby or across London.

Currently this data is only available to London Boroughs, please contact Julia Thomson to request access.

In the future the data service will be funded through a High Streets Data Partnership, a group of interested parties that will come together to:

  • Pool resources for collective data purchasing
  • Provide ongoing reflection on the use of data and the promotion of new sources of data
  • Work collectively to speak with public and private providers of data.