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Education and Skills Funding Agency Data Cube

The London Enterprise Panel (LEP) is now the responsible Data Controller for the London regional elements of the Education and Skills Funding Agency Localities Data Cube.

The primary purpose of the Data Cube management information reports is to inform the continued development and implementation of the LEP’s Local Growth and borough’s Strategic Economic Plans and support the process of addressing priority skills issues.

Data is held in the format of data cubes and MI reports for the LEP and is available to nominated signatories of a Data Sharing Agreement by the constituent Local Authority districts of the LEP.

In order for Local Authorities to gain access to the Data Cube, a nominated officer must first complete the Data Sharing Agreement.

Once completed, please scan and return the signed version to the Greater London Authority at Following approval, local authorities will be granted access to the Data Cube via the London Datastore.

The approved officer will be sent a link to a password protected zip file containing several files. The zipped file is very large and may take some time to download. Once unzipped, the files can be opened in the following way:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. On the ‘Insert’ tab click ‘Insert a Pivot Table’
  3. Check the ‘Use and external data source’ button
  4. Select ‘Choose Connection’ and browse for the unzipped file on your computer with a ‘.cub’ file format
  5. Click Open and OK and then build your pivot table using the Field List. ‘Achievements’, ‘Enrolments’ or ‘Starts’ must appear in the ‘Values’ section of the pivot.
  6. If needed, copy and paste your pivot table into a new book and save.

The Specification of the Individualised Learner Record sets out the field definitions.

You can also use the Department for Education’s Guide to the Localities Data Cubes for more information on how to use the cube.