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About GLA Economics

GLA Economics provides expert advice and analysis on London’s economy and the economic issues facing the capital. Data and analysis from GLA Economics form a basis for the policy and investment decisions facing the Mayor of London and the GLA group. GLA Economics comprises a team of 12 economists from a variety of backgrounds ranging from academia to The City.

Areas of work that GLA Economics is involved in:

Appraisal and Evaluation

Carrying out cost benefit analysis and related work to try and improve the value for money of GLA policies and programmes and providing support around the evaluation of policies and programmes to help build our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Monitoring London’s Economy

Following the release of key economic data and and other relevant information to interpret the implications for London. GLAE also releases a number of regular outputs tracking London’s economy and labour market trends.

Policy Analysis and Advice

Providing analysis and advice on a range of policy areas relevant to the GLA. This can range from providing long-term projections of London’s workforce for the London Plan to calculating London’s Living Wage to investigating various policy issues of relevance to London from an economic perspective. Areas covered in the past include labour market economics, transport, housing, early years interventions, various areas of health economics and sector studies.

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