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August 2018: Employability Performance Rating

The London Employability Rating (EPR) is a comprehensive system which awards ratings based on the quality of contract employability service provision across London. Below are a suite of updated documents and guidance to become familiarised with the EPR in more detail and to use with the new ESF 2014-20 programme:

The Employability Performance Rating:

  • Is a transparent methodology to measure
  • Benchmarks achievements of employability services.
  • Intelligently uses management and performance information collected by delivery partners.
  • Provides an evidence based track record of delivery against grant.

EPRC: Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Area (KPA) Weighting Indicators (KPI) Weighting of indicator within KPA
Contract Performance 60% 1. Delivery against grant targets 48%
2. Delivery against grant diversity targets 12%
Quality 30% 3. Conversion Factor 12%
4. Self assessment of quality 9%
5. Client Satisfaction 9%
Contract Compliance 10%  6. Contract compliance and contractor pro-activity in delivery 10%

The Greater London Authority requires all Co-Financing Organisations to adopt the EPR for all London ESF contracts for the 2014-2020 ESF Programme. In addition, the ESF Call for Proposals launched by the European Programme Management Unit (EPMU) in March 2015 requires all directly funded ESF projects in London to use the rating, as well as each of the providers lead organisations sub-contract.