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Redeveloping the GLA’s modelling framework

For over 40 years the GLA, and its predecessors, have produced population projections for London and the boroughs. These projections form the foundation of much of the GLA’s strategic planning and help to shape a wide range of policy decisions. The projection models themselves are continually evolving as new data and methods are incorporated into … Read More »

Organising and Mobilising for Change: Observations and Lessons from America’s leading Data Cities

Last week I attended a gathering of the Civic Analytics Network.  This was an incredibly useful and hard-working event, supported by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School. This quick report sets out a series of observations and reactions.  If you are interested in increasing data and digital capabilities … Read More »

The GLA’s data science journey

Over the past couple of years the Greater London Authority has been developing its data science capacity. This blog post aims to give a brief snapshot of where we are and where we are headed, in terms of skills, organisation and infrastructure. Skills The Intelligence Unit at the GLA comprises a number of teams with … Read More »

School rolls projection: moving foRward

2016 has seen some big changes in our school roll projections service with the development of a new projection model which has been written in the statistical programming language R, allowing us to harness R’s power to make use of much bigger datasets and a more complex model. Every year the GLA intelligence unit produces … Read More »

Developing Data Infrastructure for London

Earlier this year we published the Implementation Plan for the GLA’s City Data Strategy. The Implementation Plan is a key organising element of our work, needed for the realisation of the priority actions we have set out in our strategy, all of which are designed to help us to deliver maximum social, economic, environmental and … Read More »

London Office of Data Analytics Pilot: two weeks of showing and telling to focus the data science and sharpen the overall approach

It’s been 6 weeks since our kickoff workshop for the London Office of Data Analytics (LODA) pilot programme, a joint venture between the GLA and Nesta, with involvement from nearly half of the London boroughs.  The broader context shows a real sense of growing intent and purpose around data sharing for impact.  In the same … Read More »