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From poetry into prose: Early stages delivery for Sharing Cities

From the 2nd to the 4th March, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano held two important technical meetings in the early stages of our H2020 Smart Cities and Communities Programme, “Sharing Cities”. During three days, all the relevant partners, responsible for the demonstration of tangible technology measures (in our ‘Place’ work package) and for their integration in … Read More »

33 boroughs, two babies and one city modelling platform

We’ve been hard at work since our last update – in that time we’ve delivered our first release of Witan, and two babies! Our city modelling platform is now live and our first users in London have been given access this week. On-demand demographic projections to meet housing demand Witan is now able to generate … Read More »

Sharing Cities – the Importance of Values and Behaviours in amongst the Science and Process of Programme Delivery

Last week, we launched our H2020 Smart Cities and Communities Programme, “Sharing Cities”.  The two day event brought together 70 people, from 30 partner organisations, 6 countries, all working in splendid harmony across 8 highly connected work packages – well that’s the plan, eventually.  With a desire to do things differently (representatives of the European … Read More »

GLA Intelligence and Analysis Unit

The Intelligence Unit sits at the heart of the GLA, providing the Mayor and the Authority with world class evidence and analysis which support the formation of policy and strategy in London; and developing the technology and people-driven narrative for London, the smart, innovative, digital city. We have published a short summary of our key … Read More »

London School’s Atlas Update

In 2013, the GLA launched the London Schools Atlas. This was a ground-breaking new resource for parents, planners and policy makers – providing a unique view of patterns of attendance across the capital’s schools together with a wide range of contextual information. Two years on from release, we recently refreshed the data behind the Atlas … Read More »

Will Big Data Be the Solution to the London Tube Strike?

Several times a year, London will experience a Tube strike in which thousands are unable to ride the rails. As a result, Transport for London (TFL) has been working round the clock to provide extra transportation routes and networks to accommodate those people. Because people have a harder time getting to work, businesses experience the backlash of … Read More »