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Industries that Can Benefit from Cloud and SAS

In the digital era, cloud technology and Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) are crucial for a number of industries. There’s a plethora of options, from niche companies such as Duetto Research that specialize in casinos and the hospitality industry, to major options such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Nearly every type of business can benefit from this technology. However, there are a few industries that are particularly suited to taking advantage of cloud, SAS, and other technologies to streamline how they share information and take care of business.


Whether a retailer has a brick and mortar counterpart to their e-tail business or not, SAS and cloud combined can be a fantastic means of keeping all those loose ends accounted for. The mobile era has arrived and the majority of Americans at least window shop on mobile devices before making a final decision. This means the market has shifted in favor of e-tailers, and they need the technology to keep up.

I formerly owned While I was there we switched our hosting from a few dedicated servers to the cloud. This was a hard process but was well worth the time and saved us bucketloads of money.


There are several hosting companies taking advantage of the pricing evolution of hosting where the prices half every year over the last. Companies like Hostt offer free wordpress hosting to all customers. This gives businesses the ability to invest their resources into other areas that will help grow their business.


There’s a reason Duetto targets casinos. These incredibly massive businesses require all the security of a financial institute, but have the entertainment demands of a theater and major event venue combined. It’s critical that their analysis systems are flawless and cloud technology is on deck so their resources (often distributed in numerous locations) can operate as one unit.


Lagging behind in the cloud tech era, educational institutions are (thankfully) finally picking up the pace. Many school districts now rely on cloud technology for some entire courses, uploading homework, sharing information with parents/tutors and the like. This will only increase, especially now that online education no longer carries the stigma it used to.

Car Dealerships

This industry is unique in that it requires an incredible amount of physical space for showrooms and lots. Plus, customers can come from all over the country, seeking out the best deals and the exact make and model they’re after. Providing real-time data via SAS and cloud technology helps better connect dealerships with their demographics.


An industry that has prices fluctuating non-stop, complicated itineraries (obviously), and a competitive industry (via the likes of Orbitz, Kayak, etc.) demands the best in SAS and cloud technology. A price or route change can make the difference between a profitable year or yet another airline going down the tubes.

Ticketing Systems

Whether it’s a small, local system or a major one like Ticketmaster, keeping track of all the events, tickets, customers, price changes, and specials means having ninja-like systems . When there are some seat selling for thousands of dollars and other, smaller venues relying on a certain percentage of the house being full in order to just break even, it’s no wonder cloud tech is at the heart of this industry.

The reality is that absolutely every industry can be made better with the right cloud/SAS match. However, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices. Do the research, read the reviews, and ask others in your industry what works for them.