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London Open Workspaces

The GLA has launched an interactive map of more than 130 start-up friendly office spaces and 200 artist studios to help SMEs find the right type of space. Users can search by factors including price, length of stay and types of business already in the building. Providers of workspaces are encouraged to keep this a live database. This data has been published to help SMEs themeselves but will also be used by the London Enterprise Partnership to inform future investment.

london schools atlas image London is home to over 800,000 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), including micro-businesses that account for 99.8% of businesses and nearly half of the capital’s jobs. Such SMEs contain much of London’s future innovation, enterprise and growth.

However, securing the benefits of this innovation and future, depends on London’s SMEs being able to find cheap, yet appropriate workspace. The London Open Workspaces map is an interactive guide to London’s start-up workspaces, revealing the capital’s incubators and co-working spaces alongside other start-up workspaces such as artist studios and maker-spaces.

By making the information publically available, as well as the services they provide, the London Open Workspaces map is an invaluable resource for start-ups, SMEs, artists, or anyone with an idea that has outgrown their kitchen table.