GLA Intelligence and Analysis Unit

The Intelligence Unit sits at the heart of the GLA, providing the Mayor and the Authority with world class evidence and analysis which support the formation of policy and strategy in London; and developing the technology and people-driven narrative for London, the smart, innovative, digital city. We have published a short summary of our key … Read More »

The 2015 election – the numbers behind the result

The result appears conclusive – the Conservatives won a majority with almost 51 per cent of the all seats available, up from 47 per cent in 2010. But a closer look at the results reveals some interesting trends both for the two main parties, and some impressive forward strides from the SNP, UKIP and the … Read More »

Who wants to live forever?

Increasing life expectancy has been one of the wonders of the last century. About a third of babies born today can expect to celebrate their 100th birthday. But improving life expectancy has less obvious impacts on many aspects of your life, for example, an increase in the state-pension age, people living longer in ill health, … Read More »

The Year of Open Data

By Zack Gardner   The Year of Open Data The coming year will see open data strategy as a focal point for businesses and the public sector writes @urbantide. The emphasis will shift from how it is collected to how it is analysed and visualised with more tools becoming available to facilitate its effective use, To try … Read More »

London: The Open Data Capital

By Dr James Cheshire Throughout London’s history, its data have inspired innovative maps and visualisations from the likes of John Snow, William Farr, Charles Booth and Florence Nightingale, all of whom were truly pioneering in their communication of complex datasets throughout the 19th Century. A more recent and less well-known contribution to their legacy is … Read More »

Taking the temperature of London businesses

By Joel Marsden, Economist, Intelligence Unit, Greater London Authority   As the autumn winds whip around City Hall to mark an abrupt end to the Indian summer, results from the London Business Survey (LBS) allow us to take the temperature of London businesses. They provide a unique insight into the issues affecting business owners and … Read More »

A better way to measure household income in London

London’s a city of huge contrast – particularly in terms of the income levels of its 3.4 million households. Here at City Hall, we know household income’s very hard to measure accurately. Household structures can be complex, and even if people are happy to disclose their yearly household income, they don’t always know the overall … Read More »

How do perceptions of society compare between London and Europe?

The recently released European Quality of Life survey reveals a fascinating picture of how Londoners view their lives and society, and enables a comparison with other places in Europe. It is possible to compare London with other regions in Europe (called NUTS1 areas). The survey examines both objective and subjective aspects of quality of life, … Read More »

How can we explain levels of happiness and well-being of Londoners?

Unemployment, poor health, loneliness, and poor access to housing – are these the reasons why Londoners have lower well-being? The Office for National Statistics have been measuring happiness and well-being of the population to gauge the progress of the country that goes beyond traditional measures of economic performance such as GDP. According to the latest … Read More »