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GLA Household Income Estimates

In July 2015, the GLA published an update to the Household Income estimates. This data covers a range of geographies from Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) to UK regions. The full dataset can be downloaded from the London Datastore.

The median household income for London in 2013/13 was £39,100, while the mean income was £51,770. Both mean and median income is higher in Inner London than Outer London. The UK median in 2012/13 was £30,600, which is 22 per cent below the London figure. London’s median income has increased by 44 per cent since 2001/02, which is slightly lower than the UK average of 46 per cent, although the increase in mean income matches the UK at 47 per cent. However, when inflation is taken into account, the real increase in mean income in London was 13 per cent, which was slightly below the UK average of 14 per cent. Wales and Scotland both had larger real increases in income (22 and 24 per cent respectively).

The boroughs with the highest proportional increases in median income are Newham and Hackney (both 60 per cent, or 27 and 28 per cent real increases respectively) compared with Brent, and Enfield at the other end of the scale (both up 32 per cent, or 1 and 0 per cent real increases respectively). Overall the highest median income was in the City of London (£63,620), though the highest mean was in Kensington and Chelsea (£116,350) in 2012/13. The lowest median incomes were in Newham (£28,780) and Barking and Dagenham (£29,420). Barking and Dagenham also had the smallest difference between the median and mean incomes – both absolute (£4,660) and proportionally (16 per cent). In Kensington and Chelsea, the mean was more than twice the median income.

When rounded to the nearest thousand, the most common median income value (the mode) at ward level in 2012/13 was £32,000, which occurred in 44 wards, while the most common mean income was £43,000, which occurred in 38 wards. The lowest mean income at ward level was in Stonebridge, Brent (£32,250), while the lowest median income was in Northumberland Park, Haringey (£25,090). Comfortably the highest mean and median was Knightsbridge and Belgravia, Westminster (mean was £176,950, and median was £88,330).

Explore the data in the Tableau report below for more detail.