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Workforce Jobs (WFJ) is a quarterly measure of the number of jobs in the UK and is the preferred measure of the change in jobs by industry.

It is a compound source that draws on a range of employer surveys, household surveys and administrative sources. WFJ is the sum of employee jobs measured primarily by employer surveys, self-employment jobs from the Labour Force Survey, and government-supported trainees and Her Majesty's Forces from administrative sources.

The spreadsheet shows change since last quarter and last year, with graphs displaying these trends.

Data is available by industry from NOMIS WEB. Data back to Sep 1981 available for the UK, and back to March 1996 for UK regions (included in spreadsheet).

Seasonally adjusted. The figures in this dataset are adjusted to compensate for seasonal variations in employment.

UK totals include overseas based HM Forces personnel that cannot be assigned to a region.
Supporting information is now available to identify a small number of estimates that are deemed unreliable from

Data is rounded to the nearest 1000.

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For Borough level modelled estimates and projections of jobs see the GLA Employment Projections.

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