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London housing market report

The quarterly London housing market report summarises key trends and patterns in London’s housing market. The analysis covers house prices, rents, mortgage lending, repossessions and new supply. The report primarily draws on publicly available datasets.

The London housing market report is updated quarterly by analysts at the Greater London Authority. The most recent London housing market report was published in March 2021 and contains data for late 2020 and early 2021. The next edition is due to be published in Summer 2021.

Official data sources are usually published on a monthly or quarterly basis, with a time lag. Following the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, a number of these data sources have been temporarily suspended or have had their methodologies revised, so the most recent reports provide a shorter overview than previous publications.

The reports are listed below in date order, with the latest publication at the top:

Readers are encouraged to review the quarterly London housing market report alongside other available data sources, including the more detailed annual Housing in London report which is available here.