Housing Research Notes

Housing Research Notes are a series of analytical reports from the Greater London Authority focusing on individual issues of relevance to housing policy in London.

The most recent Housing Research Note (published in August 2020) examines the number and type of intermediate homes across London; the profile of intermediate housing residents; and the affordability of intermediate housing products. It also assesses to what extent intermediate housing is meeting housing need in London. The research is published alongside a consultation on intermediate housing which will run from 4 August 2020 to 11 October 2020.

Previous Housing Research Notes have provided analysis of data on housing supply in London; a review of Help to Buy policy; a comparison of housing in London with New York, Paris and Tokyo; and an analysis of short-term and holiday letting in London. The published Housing Research Notes (along with accompanying datasets, where available) are on the London Datastore here.

The Housing Research Notes are listed below in date order, with the latest publication at the top: