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Commissioned research

This page provides links to research reports commissioned by the GLA housing analysis team.

Savills – London’s Affordable Housing Funding Requirement

This research, which the GLA commissioned from Savills Affordable Housing in January 2022, finds that London requires £4.9bn a year between 2023/24 and 2027/28 to deliver the affordable homes it needs.

Savills, supported by a small working group of external stakeholders, collated an extensive series of financial assumptions relating to the development and future long-term management of affordable homes in London. These assumptions were then incorporated into a financial model to arrive at a projected grant funding requirement of £4.9bn.

Alongside a central scenario output, the report estimates the impact of building safety works and retrofit on overall delivery. Finally, the report estimates the number of additional construction workers required to deliver the number of affordable homes set out in the London Plan.

GLA Affordable Housing Funding Research 

Molior – Who buys new homes in London?

This research, commissioned from the research firm Molior, analyses the mix of buyers who purchased new build market homes in London in 2019. It also provides a comparison with Molior’s previous reports on the same topic covering the years 2006 and 2013. The research covers only the calendar year 2019 and therefore does not reflect any impacts on London’s development market from the Coronavirus pandemic.