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The Greater London Authority's ‘Housing in London’ report sets out the evidence base for the Mayor's housing policies, summarising key patterns and trends across a wide range of topics relevant to housing in the capital. The report is the evidence base for the Mayor’s London Housing Strategy, the latest edition of which was published in May 2018.

The 2023 edition of Housing in London can be viewed here. It includes monitoring indicators for the London Housing Strategy, and five thematic chapters:

  • 1. Demographic, economic and social context
  • 2. Housing stock and supply
  • 3. Housing costs and affordability
  • 4. Housing needs, including homelessness and overcrowding
  • 5. Mobility and decent homes

Where possible, the data behind each year's report's charts and maps is made available below.

To provide feedback or request the document in an accessible format, please email

Charts and maps from the 2015 report