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    London's Economy Today

    The most up-to-date information on London's economy, published by email every month. Each issue includes an overview of current economic conditions, the latest indicators and a...
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    London’s Urban Heat Island - During Heatwave

    For a heat island map during an average summer see this dataset. A heatwave refers to a prolonged period of hot weather. The Met Office uses the World Meteorological...
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    London's Urban Heat Island - Average Summer

    For a heat island map during a heat wave see this dataset. This map shows the results of an ‘UrbClim’ simulation for the mean temperature at midnight during the summer of...
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    GLA Affordable Housing Programme Outturn

    The files below provide the affordable housing statistics for GLA funded programmes. The GLA is committed to open and transparent reporting and will publish statistics relating to...
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    Projection Methodology Independent Review

    In late 2016 the GLA's Demography team commissioned the Centre for Change at the University of Southampton to udertake a comprehensive review of methodology and implementation of...
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    Interim 2015-based ward projection profiles

    Ward profiles outline the outputs from the interim 2015-based population projections for wards in London.
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    Interim 2015-based projections documentation

    Results Results documents outling the outputs from the Trend and Housing-led models are available below. A set of ward projections profiles are available to download here....
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    Interim 2015-based household projections

    Household projections incorporating the results of the GLA's 2015-based population projections. Household formation assumptions are based on those from the Department of...
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    Interim 2015-based population projections

    From January 2017 the GLA has revised its naming convention for it's population projections. Projections will now be labelled based on the latest mid-year estimate data which...
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    2013 round population projections

    IMPORTANT NOTE: These projections have been superceded, please see for the latest GLA projections.   The 2013 round of...
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