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Middle Super Output Area
  • Updated 9 months ago

    London's Zero Carbon Pathways Tool

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    Interactive energy and carbon tool exploring London's emission pathways out to 2050. An interactive map of this tool is available at
  • Updated 4 years ago

    MSOA Atlas

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    This MSOA atlas provides a summary of demographic and related data for each Middle Super Output Area in Greater London. The average population of an MSOA in London in 2010 was 8,346, compared with 1,722 for an LSOA and 13,078 for a ward. The profiles are designed to provide an overview of the population in these small areas by combining a range of data on the population, births, deaths, health, housing, crime, commercial property/floor...
  • Updated 5 years ago

    London's Zero Carbon Energy Resource - Secondary Heat

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    These datasets accompany the London Secondary Heat Study (2013) and provides an understanding of the technical potential (available heat) and deployment potential (delivered heat) of eleven key secondary heat sources in London. The accompanying reports are available on the GLA website. Data available for Middle Super Output Areas (MSOA).