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With the aim of making the democratic process as transparent as possible to the London electorate, this report includes a great deal of detail on every aspect of the 2022 London Borough council elections. No other single volume presents the full results and election statistics from the 32 London boroughs enabling the reader to analyse and compare the results across London in one place.

The report presents data for every candidate in every ward (excluding the City of London which operates on a different electoral model). Summaries are provided in the form of maps and tables, and to make comparisons easier, they mostly match those included in the 2018 report. A commentary of the results, written by Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics, has been included to give readers an overview of the trends seen in these elections.

This is the latest report in a long series of council election reports dating back to 1964, all of which are currently available on the London Datastore at: