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In 2014 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) designed the London Business Survey (LBS), on behalf of the London Enterprise Panel and the GLA. 

In 2021 the GLA requested an alternative to the London Business Survey, to provide a snapshot of businesses in London without the use of a bespoke survey. 

As such the ONS - London team has compiled various published datasets from multiple sources into a singular workbook. It is important to note that all data in this workbook is already in the public realm and has been compiled into this format for the convenience of users. As part of this project some bespoke adhoc data requests were produced to best match the original questions from the 2014 survey questions (where possible). Data is provided at the London or local authority level where it is published, however there are some cases where data is limited to the national level. Data is provided for the most recent year available. This varies by dataset.