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Employment (workplace) by industry from the Business register and employment survey (BRES). This data excludes self-employed but includes proprietors
Employment = employees + working proprietors. Working Proprietors are sole traders, sole proprietors, partners and directors. This does not apply to registered charities.
Numbers have all been rounded to the nearest 100
Before the BRES first existed in 2009, the ABI collected employment data by industry. The two surveys are not directly comparable. The BRES is a business survey which collects both employment and financial information. Only employment information for the location of an employees workplace is available from Nomis
The BRES is based on a sample of approximately 80,000 businesses and is used to provide an estimate of the number of employees.
The difference between the estimate and its true value is known as the sampling error. The actual sampling error for any estimate is unknown but we can estimate, from the sample, a typical error, known as the standard error. This provides a means of assessing the precision of the estimate; the lower the standard error, the more confident we can be the estimate is close to the true value. NOMIS website article

This dataset excludes farm based agriculture data contained in SIC class 0100.

Data and charts accompanying the 'Business Register Employment Survey 2010: London' publication

The ABI was replaced by the Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) from 2009 onwards, therefore this dataset will no longer be updated.

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BRES data after 2008
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ABI data up to 2008
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