Super Output Area Population (LSOA, MSOA), London

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Lower and Middle Super Output Area populations by single year of age for both current and previous boundaries. Data for previous boundaries has been apportioned by the Greater London Authority. Areas that have merged were calculated using proportions from previous Mid-year population estimates (pre-revision) and applying it to the current estimates.

Data downloads:

Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA)

- current LSOA boundaries (2011) (ZIPPED) 2001-2014

- previous LSOA boundaries (2001) (ZIPPED) 2001-2013 no longer updated

Middle Super Output Areas (MSOA)

- current MSOA boundaries (2011) 2002-2014

- previous MSOA boundaries (2001) 2001-2013 no longer updated

The data is presented by sex and single year of age and also in a custom-age tool. Simply enter the age group required for males and females and the tool will automatically calculate the figure.

NB Data for current boundaries includes single year of age data for 85-89, while data for previous boundaries contains single years up to 85+.

Land Area and Population Density for MSOA and LSOA (2011) is available for most recent year in a separate file.

Download from ONS  or new ONS page.


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LSOA 2011 boundaries (Zipped)  (57.97 MB)
LSOA 2001 boundaries (Zipped)  (14.27 MB)
MSOA 2011 boundaries  (19.2 MB)
MSOA 2001 boundaries  (16.97 MB)
LSOA 2011 boundaries  (31.46 MB)
LSOA 2001 boundaries  (25.5 MB)
MSOA 2011 boundaries  (7.19 MB)
MSOA 2001 boundaries  (5.85 MB)
land-area-population-density-lsoa11-msoa11  (461.69 kB)

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