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London’s Economic Outlook is GLA Economics’ London forecast. The forecasts are issued every six months to assist those preparing planning projections for London in the medium term. The report contains the following:

  • An overview of recent economic conditions in London, the UK and the world economies with analysis of important events, trends and risks to short and medium-term growth.
  • The ‘consensus forecast’ – a review of independent forecasts indicating the range of views about London’s economy and the possible upside and downside risk. In this context, ‘consensus forecast’ refers to the average of the independent forecasters (Cambridge Econometrics, The Centre for Economic and Business Research, Experian Economics, and Oxford Economics)
  • The GLA Economics forecast for output, employment, household expenditure and household income in London.


Provided below are links to the current and previous versions of GLA Economics' medium term forecast for the level and growth rate of London's GVA, employment, household income and household expenditure. Forecasts for the growth and level of employment and GVA for selected sectors of the economy are also included.

  • All output variables are measured in terms of output at basic prices. The price base for the latest dataset is 2011.
  • All growth rates are in percentage change per annum.
  • All employment levels are in millions.
  • All output levels are in £bn.