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This workbook summarises recent Job Posting Analytics related to delivery drivers in London. The data is provided by Emsi, a data modelling company.

 It looks at job postings based on two different classifications:

  • Job title ('Delivery Driver')
  • Occupations ('Van drivers' and 'Postal workers, mail sorters, messengers and couriers')

 Please note:

  • Job postings are collected from various sources and processed to provide information such as occupation, skills, and geography
  • One posting can appear on multiple websites, multiple times - a unique job posting is a job posting that has been de-duplicated
  • A job title is the name of the job role as described in a job posting; this is different to a Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code
  • Posting Intensity is the ratio of total to unique jobs postings - a higher ratio can indicate that employers are putting more effort towards hiring

Source: Emsi, 2021.

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