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CLEVER Cities is an EU funded international project which aims to regenerate cities with the strategic planning approach called "Nature-Based-Solutions (NBS)." It focuses on three main front-runner cities; London, Hamburg, and Milan, to learn from their hands-on experiences and local knowledge in implementing NBS approach.

As part of the CLEVER Cities project, regenerations and improvements have been made and planned for South Thamesmead in London. This community survey aims to explore local residents' opinions of the regeneration and their local area, with a particular focus nature and outdoor spaces.

The questionnaires covered the following topics:

  • Neighbourhood, including regeneration
  • Community and socialising
  • Outdoors and nature
  • Satisfaction with local area
  • Agreement with statements about specific areas of South Thamesmead
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Demographics

This survey was commissioned by the Greater London Authority. It explores South Thamesmead residents' opinions of the regeneration and their local area with particular focus on Nature-Based-Solutions (NBS) and ways to improve outdoor spaces as part of the CLEVER Cities project.