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Sharing data


To upload or edit a dataset you must have a Datastore account. This account must then be a member of a “Publisher”. Publishers are usually organisations, such as the Greater London Authority (GLA) or Transport for London (TfL).

Only members of a publisher can upload new datasets or edit existing datasets as that publisher. For example, only members of the TfL publisher can add or edit TfL datasets.

If you wish to share data on the Datastore but are not a member of a publisher then please read our guide to setting up, joining and managing publishers before attempting to follow the instructions below.

Adding a new dataset

Once logged in, to add a new dataset click your username in the top right-hand corner then click “Create a Dataset”.

This will bring up the Dataset creation page. From here, simply fill out the metadata form making sure you include a suitable title and description. Metadata is important as it aids discoverability and help users understand the data and how to use it properly. Use other existing datasets as an example or email if unsure.

After the metadata has been filled out fully, click “Create Dataset” at the bottom of the page. You should now be able to upload data by dragging files into the box. You can also click on the box to choose a file from your computer.

Alternatively you can add a link to another location by clicking “click here to link to a URL” below the box.

Once you have added a file you will be asked to fill out some basic metadata about the file.

Click save once you have finished editing the file. To add more data click the “Add Data…” button below the files you have uploaded.

Editing a dataset

To edit a file click the edit button next to the download button.

To edit the title, description and other metadata, click “Edit Metadata” just below the title of the dataset.

Manage who can access your data

By clicking on the “Sharing (beta)” tab you can manage who can view and access your dataset.

Drag the slider to change the level of access:

  • Open – all users can find this page and download files.
  • Private – only selected users can find this page and download files.
  • Shared – all users can find this page. Only selected users can download files.

Note: all users who are members of your publisher will be able to view and edit your dataset. If you do not want this to be the case you will need to set up a new separate Publisher.

If the dataset isn’t Open, you can give specific users access by typing their Datastore username in to the boxes below the slider.