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What are publishers?

Publishers are entities used to manage user permissions for editing and accessing datasets.

Every dataset belongs to a Publisher. Users can be members of Publishers which allows them to edit that Publisher’s datasets and add new datasets as that Publisher.

Adding and removing users from a Publisher

To add or remove a user from a Publisher you must have administrative rights. To gain these get in contact with a current administrator for that Publisher. If you are unsure who this is then email

Likewise, if you wish to join a Publisher then contact an administrator or email the address above.

Once you are an administrator go to your Publisher landing page and click on “Team Members” (1). From here you can add a new team member by clicking the “Add a member” box (2) and then searching for the user you wish to add in the pop up box.

To remove a user, hover over their name and an “x” (3) will appear next to their email address. Click this and they will be removed.

Finally you can manage which users have administrative rights by ticking or unticking the box next to their name (4).

Setting up a new publisher

To set up a new publisher you must submit a request to