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The Mayor of London has placed a high priority on improving social integration, equality, diversity and inclusion, economic fairness and food security across the city.

Recognising the need for better evidence in these areas to ensure that policy and programmes have maximum impact, the GLA conducted the Survey of Londoners in 2018-19, an online and paper self-completion survey of adults aged 16 and over in London.

The Survey, which received responses from 6,601 Londoners, aims to fill evidence gaps and help improve analysis and policy making in these areas. It uses questions that allow for comparison with existing London and national data, and has a larger sample size than regular opinion polling. This offers a more accurate picture of society in London and allows for detailed and robust analysis of sub-groups within London’s population.

This initial report provides descriptive results for the key headline measures and supporting demographic data collected by the Survey. Accompanying this report are more detailed tables documenting the key results of the survey by a range of demographic and other characteristics, and a short summary document presenting key findings from the survey.

The record-level Survey of Londoners dataset can be accessed via the UK Data Service, University of Essex. The dataset is available for not-for-profit educational and research purposes only.

The GLA has completed work on a second survey of Londoners, conducted in 2021-22. The findings from that survey can be accessed from this link.

Detailed tables presenting key results from The Survey for several equality groups