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A London series by industry and a borough series (no industry) 1984 to 2011.

These data have been used by GLA Economics to forecast long-term employment projections and within GLA Economics' models for exports, tourism and life sciences. The two series are:

1. London Employment Jobs: a London level series which includes Employee Jobs and Self-Employment Jobs from 1984 to 2010 with industries by GLA Economics sectors on a SIC 2007 basis
2. A borough level Employee Jobs series 1984 to 2010 (no industry breakdown)

Methods and assumptions behind the data are explained in the GLA Economics Working Paper 52

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Sector data
Borough data


Borough Data

  1. Source: ONS Employee Jobs, ONS Business Surveys, GLA Economics assuptions
  2. Data are for employees and do not include self-employment jobs
  3. Data are adjusted for series discontinuities only - no additional corrections have been made
  4. 1998 data for Richmond and 2000 data for Greenwhich where employee increases are high have not been adjusted

Sector Data

  1. Source: ONS Employee Jobs, LFS, GLA Economics assuptions
    • 2010 data are provisional
  2. Data include employees and self-employment jobs


Workforce Sector Data from nomis - updated to Dec-2011


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Borough Data  (3.65 kB)
  Greater London   Local Authority