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Key Points:

1) In the decade to 2011, the value of London’s food exports rose by £0.7 billion to £1.8 billion. As a share of all goods exported from the capital, food’s share has remained stable at around 5 per cent.

2) The value of beverage exports make up the largest proportion of London’s food exports, which at £821.4 million made up 46 per cent of all London food exports in 2011.Over two-fifths of these beverage exports were to EU countries, with a further 34 per cent destined for Asia and Oceania.

3) The EU is the largest market region for London’s food exports, accounting for half of all exports by value. Asia and Oceania was the second most important region in 2011. Looking at individual countries, in 2011 the Irish Republic had the highest total value of food exports from London (with a 14 per cent share of London’s global food exports), followed by France and Hong Kong respectively.

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