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  • Updated 2 months ago

    Child Benefits, Borough

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Families by size and children in families by age. A National Statistics Publication. Child Benefit is paid to those responsible for children (aged under 16) or qualifying young people. The latter includes: a) those in full-time non-advanced education or (from April 2006) on certain approved vocational training courses and who are under 19, or are aged 19 and have been on the same course since their 19th birthdays. (Note: those reachin...
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    Average Income of Tax Payers, Borough

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Mean and Median Income (Personal incomes by tax year) from the Survey of Personal Incomes by HMRC. These are estimates based on a survey and should be treated with caution. They are based on the Survey of Personal Incomes (SPI) an annual sample survey of HMRC records for individuals who could be liable to UK Income Tax. Further data on self-employment income, employment income, pension income and total tax are available from the HMRC w...
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    Children in Poverty, Borough and Ward

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Numbers and percentages of children in poverty for Borough and London Wards (at 31 August each year). This Children in Low-Income Families Local Measure shows the proportion of children living in families in receipt of out-of-work (means-tested) benefits or in receipt of tax credits where their reported income is less than 60 per cent of UK median income. This measure provides a broad proxy for relative low income child poverty as set ...
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    Tax Credits Recipients, Borough

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Child Tax Credit (CTC) provides support to families for the children (up to the 31 August after their 16th birthdays) and the "qualifying" young people (those in full-time non-advanced education until their 20th birthdays) for which they are responsible. It is paid in addition to Child Benefit. Some out of work families with children do not receive CTC but instead receive the equivalent amount via child and related allowances in Income ...
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    Children in Poverty NI116

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Key findings More than one in four of London’s children were in poverty in 2010. Child poverty rates have fallen in London on this measure, but are still higher than in any other region of the UK. Four boroughs, Tower Hamlets, Islington, Westminster and Redbridge, include pockets where more than three in five children were in poverty. Over the last four years, most boroughs have seen decreases in the percentage of children i...
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    London's Food Exports

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Regional Trade Statistics Custom tables, UK Trade info from HMRC. Key Points: 1) In the decade to 2011, the value of London’s food exports rose by £0.7 billion to £1.8 billion. As a share of all goods exported from the capital, food’s share has remained stable at around 5 per cent. 2) The value of beverage exports make up the largest proportion of London’s food exports, which at £821.4 million made up 46 per cent of all London food ...