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From 1 August 2019, the Secretary of State for Education delegated responsibility for the commissioning, delivery and management of London’s Adult Education Budget (AEB) to the Mayor of London.

The AEB helps Londoners to get the skills they need to progress both in life and work. The overarching aim of London’s AEB is to make adult education in London even more accessible, impactful and locally relevant. Through the London Learner Survey (LLS), the GLA are measuring how learners’ lives change after they complete their learning, whether that is, for instance, improvements in their health and wellbeing, progression in work or learning or entering new employment.

The LLS 2021/22 surveys learners who have participated in GLA- funded AEB learning aims during the 2021/22 academic year. The survey focuses on seven outcomes, which can be divided into economic and social outcomes, as approved by the Mayor of London in the Skills Roadmap. The economic outcomes are progression into employment, progression within work and progression into further learning. Meanwhile, the social outcomes are improved health and wellbeing, improved social integration, improved self-efficacy and participation in volunteering.

The LLS consists of two linked surveys of people participating in GLA-funded Adult Education Budget (AEB) learning: a baseline survey administered when the learner starts their course, and a follow-up survey approximately five to seven months after the end of learning. All eligible learners are asked to complete the survey .