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London Elections Results 2016, Wards, Boroughs, Constituency

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The results for the Mayoral and Assembly elections down to constituency level are available (including turnout and spoils etc).

  • All Geographies - This spreadsheet includes data for Constituencies, Boroughs, Wards and postal votes. Also includes turnout figures and first choice by second choice Mayoral vote matrices.
  • Detailed Constituencies - Contains more detailed data at Constituency level. Includes percentages and a table showing how the London-wide assembly seats were allocated.
  • Time series - Contains elections data from 2000 to 2016 for Constituency and Borough level.

Please note that due to boundary changes, 2016 ward data is not comparable with previous years' data. 


The 2000-2012 election data for wards, boroughs, and constituencies is presented using interactive maps and charts in an InstantAtlas report. Click on the image below to launch the tool.


 More info on the 2016 elections can be found on the London Elects website.