London Elections Results 2012, Wards, Boroughs, Constituency

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The results for the Mayoral and Assembly elections down to constituency level are available (including turnout and spoils etc).

The full 2012 election results for Mayor and Assembly for:

- Wards, Boroughs and Constituencies (includes postal votes data, turnout figures, and first by second Mayoral vote matrices)

- Constituencies only (includes percentages)


The 2000-2012 election data for wards, boroughs, and constituencies in summary format is presented using interactive maps and charts in an InstantAtlas report.

- if you have a browser that supports HTML5 check out our Instant Atlas report of the report (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE9 support this).

This data for all three levels of geography is presented in these reports. This includes interactive map, table, bar chart, and trend chart.


The election results in summary format for 2000 to 2012 for:

Note: In a few instances the electorate figure has been revised since the initial declared result. This has led to a small change in some turnout figures. The spreadsheets above all contain the correct revised figures.

The spreadsheet contains a summary of all the London elections results since 2000. This includes Mayoral, Assembly list and Constituency member election results. In the 2000 election, only data for constituencies was collected, so no borough or ward breakdowns are available for that year.

Data shown includes:

- the winner in each area (the candidate or party with most votes). This does not include second preference votes in the Mayoral election,

- the winning majority (the highest number of votes minus the second highest number of votes),

- the percentage turnout figure. (note for wards this is indicative only since all postal votes are registered to borough level only), and

- the percentage of votes for each of the major parties. Note that only parties with at least 5 per cent of the vote across London in at least one year of elections are shown. All other parties are aggregated into 'Other'.


The GLA Intelligence Unit has produced this infographic below (London Election Results By Numbers), presenting the key facts from these elections.

Election 2012 Results

Access further detail and reports for all elections from the Elections page.

Or visit the London Elects website


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