Created 6 years ago, updated 5 years ago

The Green Infrastructure Focus Map is a new tool and evidence base to help London’s decision-makers identify where green infrastructure improvements and investments might be best targeted, and what kind of interventions might be most useful for the needs of a specific area.

The Green Infrastructure Focus Map can help:

  • identify where there is more need or less need for green infrastructure interventions
  • describe which specific environmental or social issues have the greatest need for intervention in a particular location
  • highlight other issues that green infrastructure can’t necessarily help with, but that are useful context for decision making (e.g. income deprivation)

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Data and analysis from GLA GIS Team form a basis for the policy and investment decisions facing the Mayor of London and the GLA group. GLA Intelligence uses a wide range of information and data sourced from third party suppliers within its analysis and reports. GLA Intelligence cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this information and data.

The GLA will not be liable for any losses suffered or liabilities incurred by a party as a result of that party relying in any way on the information contained in this report.

Visit the Green Infrastructure Focus Map.

A report describing the different datasets presented within the Green Infrastructure Focus Map including data processing approaches and methodology.

Summary table of all the metrics presented in the web map.

ESRI shapefile containing the hexagon grid geometry used within the Green Infrastructure Focus Map.

Projection: 27700, British National Grid