GLA Population Projections - Custom Age Tables

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This Excel based tool enables users to query the raw single year of age data so that any age range can easily be calculated without having to carry out often complex, and time consuming formulas that could also be open to human error. Each year the GLA demography team produce sets of population projections. 

The full raw data by single year of age (SYA) and gender are available as Datastore packages at the links below.

How to use the tool

Simply select the lower and upper age range for both males and females (starting in cell C3) and the spreadsheet will return the total population for the range.

Find out more about GLA population projections on the GLA Demographic Projections page

Click here for an archive of population projections from previous years that have since been superseded.


BOROUGH PROJECTIONS - 2016-based population projections (published July 2017)


WARD PROJECTIONS - 2016-based population projections (published November 2017)


ETHNIC GROUP PROJECTIONS  - 2016-based population projections (published November 2017)


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Central_Trend-based_projection_age_range_creator_2016  (9.74 MB)
Short-term_Trend-based_projection_age_range_creator_2016  (9.74 MB)
Long-term_Trend-based_projection_age_range_creator_2016  (9.74 MB)
Housing_led_EGPP_age_range_creator_2016.xls  (51.26 MB)
Housing_led_projection_age_range_creator_2016.xls  (6.26 MB)
Ward_Housing_led_projection_age_range_creator_2016.xls  (54.48 MB)

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