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This dataset shows different breakdowns of London's resident population by their country of birth. Data used comes from ONS' Annual Population Survey (APS).

The APS has a sample of around 320,000 people in the UK (around 28,000 in London). As such all figures must be treated with some caution. 95% confidence interval levels are provided.

Numbers have been rounded to the nearest thousand and figures for smaller populations have been suppressed.

Four files are available for download:

  • Country of Birth - Borough: Shows country of birth estimates in their broad groups such as European Union, South East Asia, North Africa, etc. broken down to borough level.
  • Detailed Country of Birth - London: Shows country of birth estimates for specific countries such as France, Bangladesh, Nigeria, etc. available for London as a whole
  • Demography Update 09-2015: A GLA Demography report that uses APS data to analyse the trends in London for the period 2004 to 2014. A supporting data file is also provided.
  • Country of Birth Borough 2004-2016 Analysis Tool: A tool produced by GLA Demography that allows users to explore different breakdowns of country of birth data.

An accompanying Tableau visualisation tool has also been produced which maps data from 2004 to 2015.

2011 Census Country of Birth data can be found here:

Nationality data can be found here:

Nationality refers to that stated by the respondent during the interview. Country of birth is the country in which they were born. It is possible that an individual’s nationality may change, but the respondent’s country of birth cannot change. This means that country of birth gives a more robust estimate of change over time.