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  • Updated 4 months ago

    Mortality Risk from High Temperatures in London (Triple Jeopardy Mapping)

    A heatwave refers to a prolonged period of unusually hot weather. While there is no standard definition of a heatwave in England, the Met Office generally uses the World Meteorological Organization definition of a heatwave, which is "when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5°C, the normal period being 1961-1990". They are common in the northern and southern hemisph...
  • Updated 9 months ago

    DWP Working-Age Client Group by Ward

    All people of working-age claiming benefits. Data presented here by gender, out-of-work group and those aged under 25. Figures under 500 are subject to high sampling variation and should be used with caution. The rates are calculated using resident working-age ONS population mid-year estimates (from NOMIS) The benefits totals come from DWP and are available from NOMIS. Other benefits data for small areas a...
  • Updated a year ago

    HBAI Poverty in London

    These reports from the GLA Intelligence Unit look at the London figures from the DWP's households below average income series, on which the government's official poverty targets are based.
  • Updated a year ago

    Percentage of People on Low Income, Borough

    Percentage of respondents in work earning less than the London Living Wage (LLW) and the National Minimum Wage (NMW) (Gross Hourly Pay) by Borough, from the Annual Population Survey. The data presented here is the percentage of people on less than the LLW or NMW. The minimum wage levels in each year are stated in the table.The data includes only those people in work who responded to the earnings question. People in work who did not res...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    Indices of Deprivation 2015

    This file contains all the ID2015 data for London at LSOA and borough level. Please take the time to read the notes which accompany the data in the file. It has sheets for the CLG published LSOA overall IMD and domains (rank and score), LSOA sub domains (rank and score), LSOA IDACI/IDAOPI, borough level IMD summary measures, borough level domain summary measures, borough level IDACI/IDAOPI, population figures, underlying indic...