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This report by GLA City Intelligence (the latest update of which was published in January 2024) brings together a wide range of outcome data relevant to the work of the Mayor and the London Assembly, which will also be of interest to other stakeholders in London.

The aim is to provide readers with a high-level summary of the latest trends in each topic area – these include:

  • Demography
  • The economy and labour market
  • Community participation and engagement
  • Crime and safety
  • The environment
  • Housing
  • Income, poverty and destitution
  • Transport and digital infrastructure
  • Young people and education
  • Health, wellbeing and inequalities.


Datasets have been selected that update relatively frequently and without too great a lag but not all fit these criteria. While comprehensive in its coverage, it is by no means exhaustive and links to further information are provided with each chapter. A health and wellbeing chapter has been added to the latest edition.

As new datasets are released, the charts in the report will be updated on the accompanying State of London Dashboard. The Dashboard is in Beta form while it continues to be developed. We welcome feedback on both the report and the Dashboard via email to: