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These documents were produced through a collaboration between GLA, PHE London and Association of Directors of Public Health London.

The wider impacts slide set pulls together a series of rapid evidence reviews and consultation conversations with key London stakeholders. The evidence reviews and stakeholder consultations were undertaken to explore the wider impacts of the pandemic on Londoners and the considerations for recovery within the context of improving population health outcomes.

The information presented in the wider impact slides represents the emerging evidence available at the time of conducting the work (May-August 2020). The resource is not routinely updated and therefore further evidence reviews to identify more recent research and evidence should be considered alongside this resource.

It is useful to look at this in conjunction with the ‘People and places in London most vulnerable to COVID-19 and its social and economic consequences’ report commissioned as part of this work programme and produced by the New Policy Institute.

Additional work was also undertaken on the housing issues and priorities during COVID. A short report and examples of good practice are provided here.

These reports are intended as a resource to support stakeholders in planning during the transition and recovery phase. However, they are also relevant to policy and decision-making as part of the ongoing response.

The GLA have also commissioned the University of Manchester to undertake a rapid evidence review on inequalities in relation to COVID-19 and their effects on London.