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Borough Tables from Understanding the Health Impacts of Air Pollution in London report.

King’s College London, commissioned by the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, have calculated the health impacts associated with the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in London.

This new study shows that in 2010 there was the equivalent of up to 5,900 deaths across London associated with NO2 long term exposure. (Please note: these figures are also broken down on a borough-by-borough basis in the report.)

At the same time the deaths associated with long-term exposure to PM2.5 were recalculated. The equivalent number of PM2.5 deaths has decreased from 4,300 (in 2008 based on 2006 concentrations) to 3,500 (in 2010).

The PM2.5 and NO2 figures can be combined to create a total figure of up to 9,400 equivalent deaths in 2010.

More on the GLA website.