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Smoking Indicators, Borough

Created 4 years ago, updated a year ago

This dataset contains three smoking related indicators.

Rates of self reported four-week smoking quitters

Smoking quit rates per 100,000 available from the HNA.

- These quarterly reports present provisional results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services (NHS SSS) in England. This report includes information on the number of people setting a quit date and the number who successfully quit at the 4 week follow-up. Data for London presented with England comparator. PCT level data available from NHS.

Number of Deaths Attributable to Smoking per 100,000 population by borough

Deaths attributable to smoking, directly age-sex standardised rate for persons aged 35 years +. Causes of death considered to be related to smoking are: various cancers, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and diseases of the digestive system.

Numbers of adults smoking by borough

Prevalence of smoking among persons aged 18 years and over.
- Population who currently smoke, are ex-smokers, or never smoked by borough. This includes cigarette, cigar or pipe smokers. Data by age is also provided for London with a UK comparator.

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