Skills for Londoners 2018 Strategy Consultation

Created a year ago, updated a year ago

Skills for Londoners is the first dedicated post-16 skills and adult education strategy produced by a London Mayor.

It sets out the contextual skills challenges London faces, along with the priorities and actions required to make the London skills system the envy of the world and achieve the Mayor’s vision for: ‘A City for all Londoners – making sure Londoners, employers and businesses get the skills they need to succeed in a fair, inclusive society and thriving economy’

The Skills for Londoners Consultation Findings provides a high-level summary and analysis of the issues raised during the consultation of the draft strategy, from technical stakeholders, members of the public and opinion research. This allowed the Mayor to have proper regard to the consultation responses when deciding whether to approve the final version of the strategy.

See below the opinion research and responses to Talk London that were considered as part of the strategy consultation.