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This report contains an introduction to PM2.5­, summarises our current understanding of PM2.5 concentrations and exposure, discusses the findings of research undertaken by the GLA and TfL into the extent of PM2.5 pollution in London, and assesses the potential for meeting World Health Organisation guidelines by 2030. Our analysis found that at present all Londoners are exposed to concentrations higher than WHO air quality guidelines, but, if PM2.5­ reduction measures within the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and London Environment Strategy are accompanied by co-operation on a national and international level, the guideline limit is achievable by 2030.

The accompanying map is the annual mean PM2.5 concentration in Greater London for 2013 by Output Area, also provided is the data behind this map, which includes the annual average PM2.5 concentration of each Output Area (OA) in Greater London. You may need to use the OA data mapping available from the London Datastore to identify specific output areas.