Planning permissions on the London Development Database (LDD)

Created 2 years ago, updated 2 days ago

The London Development Database (LDD) records significant planning permissions in London.

The data is entered by London's planning authorities, and is checked by the GLA to ensure consistency across London. The LDD records any planning consent that permits one or more of the following:

  • any new build residential units
  • any loss or gain of residential units through change of use or conversion of existing dwellings
  • creation of seven or more new bedrooms for use as either a hotel, a hostel, student housing or for residential care through new build or change of use
  • 1,000m2 or more of floor space changing from one use class to another or created through new build or extension for any other use
  • the loss or gain or change of use of open space.

New permissions are added to the database on a monthly basis within three months of the end of the month in which they were granted. Information on scheme starts and completions is updated annually by September the following year.

The spreadsheet LDD - Planning permissions includes details of all permissions either currently recorded as live (not started or under construction) or completed since 01/04/2006. LDD - Non-residential floorspace provides additional details of the non-residential floor space for those permissions with a non-residential component and LDD - non-residential bedrooms provides additional details of the non-C3 bedrooms over the same time period.

WARNING: Large file size
Non-residential floor space recorded on the London Development Database. The following use classes are recorded: A1-A5, B1, B2, B8, C2 (excluding care homes), D1, D2, SG (excluding hostels and large HMOs). Includes planning permissions currently recorded as not started or under construction, and anything completed since 01/04/2006.
Non-residential bedrooms recorded in the London Development Database. The following use class groups are recorded: C1 Hotels, Student Bedrooms (C1 or SG), C2 Care Homes, C2a, SG Hostels and Large HMOs. Serviced Apartments (C1 or SG) are also included but are recorded by the number of units rather than bedrooms. Includes planning permissions that are currently recorded as either not started or under construction, or were completed since 01/04/2006.