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Tables show individual insolvencies made up of bankruptcy orders and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs), New Debt Relief Orders, and breathing space registrations from May 2021, as counts and rates (per 10,000 people).

Insolvent individuals in England and Wales are dealt with mainly under the Insolvency Act 1986. A bankruptcy order is made on the petition of the debtor or one or more of his creditors when the court is satisfied that there is no prospect of the debt being paid.

There are also individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and deeds of arrangement, which enable debtors to come to an agreement with their creditors.

Classifying insolvent individuals into geographic areas is done using the postcode that the insolvent individual provides. The use of this in assigning an individual to a geographical area is only as good as the postcode information given. Inaccurate postcodes or incomplete/missing postcodes will lead to missing data.

Rates include revisions due to changes in population estimates.

Rates per 10,000 are calculated using area population figures for adults aged 18+.

This dataset is one of the Greater London Authority's measures of Economic Fairness. Click here to find out more.
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