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A set of data on aspects of dementia published on the myhealthlondon website.

DEM0001 - Numbers of people with a diagnosis
DEM0002 - Diagnosis rates
DEM0003 - Care reviews for GP patients
DEM0004 - Dementia today
DEM0005 - Spend on anti-dementia drugs
DEM0006 - Waiting to be tested by Memory Clinics
DEM0007 - Waiting for results at Memory Clinics
DEM0008 - Looking for dementia in hospital
DEM0009 - Assessing dementia in hospital
DEM0010 - Referring people for further tests
DEM0011 - Help to remain at home
DEM0012 - Dying with dementia in hospital
DEM0013 - Involving people in research
DEM0014 - Length of stay in hospital
DEM0015 - Making sure people are treated well in hospital
DEM0016 - Caring for people in hospital
DEM0017 - Meeting mental health needs of people in hospital
DEM0018 - Helping people when they leave hospital
DEM0019 - Understanding people's needs in hospital
DEM0020 - Recognising dementia in hospital
DEM0021 - Training staff on dementia in hospital
DEM0022 - Resources for supporting people in hospital
DEM0023 - Specialist dementia care for people in hospital
DEM0024 - Delays in leaving hospital
DEM0025 - Going back into hospital

Data are provided in a standardised schema with each record containing an indicator ID and organisation ID. These can be matched against the Indicator Lookup, Organisation Lookup and Period Lookup tables included in the file, which also includes further metadata.